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Our Method

Prior to

  • You order your linen via the internet (24 hours a day).

  • You will immediately receive a confirmation of your order by email.

  • You pay for the ordered linen via IDEAL or by bank transfer.

  • We confirm your payment by email.

  • The layout of the beds in the houses as indicated on the site is an indication of ours. If the owner changes the beds and does not notify us, the information may be incorrect.


  • We supply the linen in a blue bag, which is placed at the cottage on the day of arrival.

  • The linen will be delivered in the afternoon.

  • If the linen is not available after 5 p.m., please contact: 085 0657473

  • The rental of linen is not per week, but for the entire holiday period (see our conditions)

  • When you leave, please place the blue bag back where you found it before 10:00 am.

  • Please note that when collecting the beds, do not remove moltons, etc. from the beds. So only the rented linen!!

Points of attention for the campsite!

  • Remove linen from the duvet

  • Do not provide pillows (these are from the campsite)

  • Place linen at the reception

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